Who We Are
22 K-12 School Districts
5 Community Colleges
24,000 students
1,500 teachers and instructors

Center for Educational Leadership and Innovation
Northeast Minnesota Educators has created the Center for Education Leadership and Innovation as a collaborative effort to ensure that all of our students receive a rigorous, world-class education to prepare them for success in the new economy of the 21st century. We are committed to creating and sustaining a continuum of high-quality teaching, learning, and instructional leadership spanning all years from pre-kindergarten to college.

The Center is working to revitalize the economy of Northeast Minnesota by investing in it's most valuable resource - its children. With education as an Economic Engine for Change, this collective effort will ensure that current and future generations have the critical knowledge and skills needed to rebuild our industries, attract more businesses to the region and create new opportunities through entrepreneurship, leading to full employment and thriving, productive communities throughout Northeast Minnesota.